Carrwood Road, Wilmslow

Dear Matt & team,

Many thanks for all the work you have done on the extensive renovation to
our home. It looks fantastic!

My wife and I had never previously undertaken any form of building work and
we were naturally nervous about the project because of the major works we
planned, the material financial investment we were making and the challenge
of finding a builder that we could trust with such an important job.

However, from our first meeting at the house I felt confident that you would
deliver a good outcome and that proved spot on. The project ran on time, on
budget and was completed with the minimum of fuss. The entire team at AEBC
worked incredibly hard and with great professionalism – from the initial
brick work right through to the snagging list at the very end, everything
was dealt with quickly. Indeed I was stopped more than once by people on the
street who commented how hard our builders seemed to work!

The straightforward, positive attitude of you and your team was also
refreshing – if something could be done, it was done quickly and
efficiently. If something was challenging, it was still done quickly and
efficiently. If something was simply impossible, impractical or not cost
effective, I felt well informed early in the process so that I could make an
alternative decision if necessary.

There is not a lot more to say – you and your team managed to make such a
major and potentially stressful project seem straightforward and even

Thank you!

Jonathan and Amelia